Pamlico 6-12 School

Pamlico County Schools

Project Description

The upcoming 6-12 school is envisioned as a consolidated and comprehensive institution, catering to grades 6-12 and emphasizing workforce development, with an anticipated enrollment of around 900 students. The project is crafted to facilitate the expansion of core academic areas and the incorporation of a new auditorium. Situated on the current high school site, slated for demolition, this new facility aims to merge Pamlico Middle School and Pamlico High School into a unified structure.

By combining these two schools into a modern edifice, the initiative aims to curtail operational costs while delivering a cutting-edge educational environment. The architectural layout revolves around two learning commons – one designated for high school students and the other for middle school students. Surrounding these spaces are collaboration zones, forming hubs around which classrooms are arranged. Incorporating glass walls between classrooms and circulation/collaboration spaces enables teachers to observe students throughout the day, fostering flexibility for students to engage in various building areas during their daily activities.


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